Manufacturers and Exporters

Our capability includes ALUMINUM MONOBLOC AEROSOL CONTAINERS with diameters ranging from 22 mm to 55 mm. with an enormous production capacity of more than 1 million aerosol containers per month

We manufacture in sizes from 12 ml. to 250 ml. Lengths ranging from 57 mm to 170 mm. Following are the common sizes (diameters) used in Monobloc Aerosol Cans.

22.00 |25.00 | 35.00 | 45.00

Optional Requirements:

Printed upto 4 colours and your choice of base coat i.e. selection of 5 colours
Internal Lacquering
External Varnishing
Gloss Finish  /   Matte Finish

All physical dimensions are thoroughly and routinely checked before necking and bidding. After necking, pressure testing is done on all the cans. The cans are checked to withstand a pressure of 250 pounds and do not bulge.