Manufacturers and Exporters

We have a completely automatic imported Swiss made machine to manufacture extremely high quality laminated tubes ranging from 12.7 mm. diameter to 50 mm. diameter. We also have the capability to provide tubes with tamper evidence seal to prevent any contamination to the product. Some features of our laminated tubes are

Tubes from 12.7 mm. diameter to 50 mm. diameter.

Completely automated single stage process from laminated web to packing.

High quality sealing of tubes from quality machine.

Printing of upto 6 colours silver, white or custom coloured tube.

Possibility of making tubes with 3, 5 or 7 layers.

ABL tubes made in various thickness from 9/180 to 30/300 laminates.

All tests carried out in accordance with IS 12007:1987.

Automatic two stage in process testing on the machine