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Aluminium Collapsible Tubes

With decades of experience in manufacturing Aluminium Collapsible Tubes, we have the best state of the art facilities, dedicated manpower and latest machinery to manufacture aluminium collapsible tubes. With clients across various industries we make tubes that are used in packing an assortment of different products like pharmaceutical ointments, creams and gels, rubber based adhesives, rubber cement, epoxy, silicone sealants, toothpaste, shaving cream etc. We have a capacity to make more than 19 million aluminium tubes per month.

  • Our manufacturing of aluminium collapsible tubes ranges from Diameter 10 mm to 50 mm whose length can be altered according to customer requirement in a range of 45 mm to 210 mm.
  • Our nozzle (neck) choices comprises of open, closed (sealed neck), various long necks (nasal), Lube tip (Grease tip), Break off tip, etc.
  • We give a choice of 5 colours with an option of base coat (enamel) i.e. selection of 6 colours.
  • Various shapes, sizes and different coloured caps are offered.
  • Internally lacquered (epoxy base) and Internally latex lined ( darex cold seal) at the rear open end of the tubes.
  • Capability to produce tubes suitable for cyanoacrylate adhesives (Super Glue).
  • Tactile marking on tubes.